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AdvIS - Advanced Industrial Sensors

AdvIS - Advanced Industrial Sensors

Commissioning at Baotou AdvIS has successfully commissioned a Sincad FeO gauge on line 1 of the new sinter plant in Baotou I&S Co., Ltd, Inner Mongolia. This project was made in collaboration with the Changsha Design Institute (CIE).
Agreement with ISISS bvba AdvIS has signed an agreement with ISISS bvba (www.isiss.be)for the exclusive worldwide distribution of the AdvIS gauges. This merge of activities will boost the success of both companies.
Awex CSM

Sinwad: sinter permeability measurement, to adjust the water content in the raw mix. Can be supplied with automatic control loop.

Sincad: measures the quality (magnetic properties) of the sinter cake, by detecting the iron oxides proportion (FeO) in the sinter. Generally used to adjust the coke addition to the raw mix, it can be supplied with automatic control loop.

StripPLAN: flatness measurement based on the direct measurement of fibers stretch, expressed in I-UNITS, avoiding the approach based on strip shape determination.

Two versions are available, for cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel, including plates up to 5 meters wide.

BarCHECK: the system inspects the surface of the billet, measuring the thermal radiation generated by the surface itself. The billet is scanned between the stands of the hot mill; cracks in the surface are revealed as they modify the thermal uniformity of the surface.

 roughness gauge

The SurfROUGH system scans the material surface projecting a laser beam; actual bending of each surface micro-element is measured through beam scattering.
Provides Ra, Rq, Rp, Rv, Rsk, S, Sm, Rk, Rpk, Rvk.

A dedicated version for working rolls on-line or off-line inspection is also available.
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